Public Forum – Growing on Ageing, It’s all in the Mind

"Growing on Ageing, It’s all in Your Mind"

Public Forum

In the recent public forum ‘Growing on Ageing, It’s All in Your Mind’, Dr Emily Ho shared on the topic “Healthy Brain, Beautiful Mind”, together with other esteemed speakers including Culinary Extraordinaire Ms Aziza Ali, Cardiologist Dr Julian Tan and Ms Cindy Tien! This is a project supported by the LearnSG Seed Fund – “Every day, A learning day”.

Living well is more than just maintaining good physical health — emotional wellness, happiness and a sense of fulfilment is just as important. As we transit from one life stage to another, we have to adapt to changes in our body as well as changes in our role in the family and society. This transition can be a source of stress for many, and some may fall into depression or anxiety. In this talk, Dr Emily Ho brought the audience through how they can better prepare themselves for these role transitions. The audience brought back useful tips on how to reduce the risk of getting depression, anxiety as well as memory impairment in their later life.

Food For The Brain

Dr Emily Ho also shared useful tips on food and supplements for our brain. She shared on the benefits of curry and green tea on cognitive function. She also encouraged the audience to be actively engaged in not just physical exercises but brain exercises. Dr Ho shared the on the usefulness of different activities such as taichi, music, art as well as horticulture. Lastly, she shared on the Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA) as part of planning for ageing.

Ageing well

Ageing is just the beginning of a new exciting stage… plan well, age well and we can all age with grace and dignity!

Thanks once again to Spring Publishing Pte Ltd for the invitation to speak at this forum held at the Lifelong Learning Institute.