We are pleased to announce the opening of Mind Care Therapy Suites, located right across our current Clinic space! Our Therapy Suites provide a spacious and comfortable environment to cater for Psychological Therapy, and integrates tightly with our Clinic practice to provide seamless care.

Mind Care Therapy Suites - one of the therapy rooms

Mind Care Therapy Suites was specially designed with comfort and privacy in mind, and reflects a comfortable, relaxing and grounding environment. Each of the rooms in our Therapy Suites are optimized for utility and privacy, so that you can engage best during your session to make this truly a special and private time for yourself.

Mind Care Therapy Suites is headed by Principal Clinical Psychologist Mr. Gifford Chan, together with our psychiatrists Dr. Emily Ho & Dr. Tan Hong Yee. The experienced Clinical Psychologists in our team provide a wide range of services including Individual Psychotherapy (adolescents, adults, cancer care and chronic illness), Couples/Marital Therapy and Psychological Assessments. 

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