What to expect – your first visit

Your First Visit

Unsure of what to expect during your first visit?

Seeking help from your healthcare professional can often be a daunting experience, but it is often the most important first step in getting the help you need.

1.Book & Confirm

Visit our Appointment Page to contact us through the online appointment form, email or call us at 6-7055-111 to let us know about how we can help you, and what your preferred dates/times are.

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2. What to bring

For your first visit, please bring along an identity document (IC / Passport) for registration.

Useful things that you could bring along if available:

  • Current medications (or a list of your medications)
  • Recent test reports

3. Consultation

During the consultation, your doctor will speak to you to find out more about your current concerns, symptoms, previous medical history and other information that may be helpful for your diagnosis and treatment.

A typical first consult usually takes 45 – 60 minutes in order to ensure a comprehensive assessment. However, this varies according to your needs and case complexity. Subsequent visits usually take about 30 minutes, but likewise, this varies according to your treatment needs.

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4. Investigations

If required, your doctor will discuss any necessary blood tests, scans or neuropyschological tests with you and arrange for these to be done.

Being within the Farrer Park Hospital complex, we pride ourselves in being able to arrange for rapid turnaround times and convenience for any required lab or imaging tests. Many of these can even be done on the same day as your visit.

5. Discussion & Treatment

Your psychiatrist will discuss with you regarding test results (if any), diagnosis and suggested treatment. Most importantly, we believe in a collaborative and individualised treatment approach, grounded on strong evidence-based treatment.

The recommended treatment may comprise of:

  • Medications
  • Non-medication options (such as psychotherapy/talk therapy or behavioral interventions)
  • Or, a combination of both.

You are encouraged to ask any questions you may have about your condition and treatment, and discuss these with your doctor during your visit – we are here to listen, and to guide.

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6. Follow-up and Payment

Your doctor will recommend a follow-up visit to review your condition, and the appointment will be booked in advance at your preferred date or time. Importantly, we understand that unforeseen circumstances sometimes do crop up – simply call in to make adjustments to your appointments if required.

For your convenience, our clinic accepts cash, NETS, VISA and Mastercard.

We are pleased to announce that our clinic is Medisave accredited! You may now utilise your Medisave account to pay for up to 85% of eligible outpatient bills at our clinic. Visit our Medisave page to find out more.

About the Clinic

Our Clinic is specially designed to provide our patients with an environment of comfort and privacy.

As a reflection of our belief in a multi-faceted approach, we have also integrated other therapeutic elements in the design, to include sensory modulation, horticultural therapy and reminisence therapy to make each and every visit in itself a therapeutic experience.