Behavioral & Educational Assessment Clinic

A formal assessment using standardized tools can be very helpful in aiding diagnosis of problems, or identifying areas of strengths & weaknesses for your child.

Our dedicated Behavioral and Educational Assessment clinic sessions are run by accredited  Educational Psychologists and Clinical Psychologists with specific accreditation and training in administering these instruments, and the assessment reports meet MOE / SEAB requirements. 

Read more about some of the assessments that we offer:

Cognitive Assessments

Neuropsychological assessments are designed to identify the extent and severity of a person’s cognitive impairments, and are valuable tools in diagnosis (for example, dementia) and treatment planning. 

During these assessments, standardized tests are used to evaluate cognitive abilities such as attention, memory, language, processing speed, visuospatial, and executive functions.


Don’t worry! All our assessment sessions start off with an initial consultation with the psychologist. Further information will be obtained during this session, so that the psychologist will be able to advise on a plan of action and the recommended assessments. 

Please bring along a photo ID (student pass, drivers’license, NRIC etc) for registration. 

For educational assessments, it will be very helpful to bring along any previous school report books, and graded examples of recent work done. 

Yes, please – it is very useful to have a parent or family member coming along. Very often, a comprehensive assessment would also require the input of close family members. 

Yes, a full psychological assessment report will be provided at the end of the assessment feedback session – please refer to the individual assessment types to learn about how the sessions are structured. 


The Singapore Examinations and Assessment Board (SEAB) provides guidance on the required documents that need to be submitted. A comprehensive psychological report is required in order to support an application for access arrangements. 

Our psychologists are experienced in providing standard reports that are in keeping with SEAB’s requirements. 

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