Positive Parenting Program for Teens (Triple P)

We are now offering 1-on-1 Positive Parenting Programs (Triple P) for parents of teens up to 16 years old!

As your child starts growing up and adapting to new challenges of their teenage years and later, young adulthood, many parents may find themselves grappling with challenges such as:

  • oppositional behavior, deliberate rudeness and defiance
  • refusing to listen
  • difficulties engaging with your child
  • becoming more distant emotionally

The Positive Parenting Program is an evidence-based program for parents to:

  • improve and strengthen parent-child relationships
  • build your own confidence in parenting
  • reduce behavioral difficulties in your child
  • help your child navigate emotional challenges

Unlike programs offered elsewhere, the Triple P program run at Mind Care Clinic @ SBF by Clinical Psychologist Ms Yammie Chin consist of private sessions that are adapted to your unique needs.

To make an appointment with Yammie for the Triple P program, drop our SBF Center branch a call at 6908 0810  or email us.