Psychologist Spotlight : Mr Moses Chew

moses chew psychologist

This month, we will continue to introduce some of the mental health professionals whom we work closely with, such as Clinical Psychologists. At Mind Care Clinic, we strive to offer our patients with a full range of services to help them achieve their goals of emotional wellness, including psychological assessments and psychotherapy (“talk therapy”). More importantly, we believe in individualising each patient’s therapy and providing the right fit of services to their needs.

We are pleased to introduce Clinical Psychologist Mr Moses Chew, who provides a range of services from assessments to therapy to training. Moses employs cognitive-behavior therapy as his primary mode of working with clients but believes in looking at his clients in a holistic manner, with an emphasis on how their personalities would react under stressful conditions and helping his clients overcome these hurdles.


Moses Chew

Clinical Psychologist

moses chew psychologist


Bachelor of Science in Psychology (Clinical) – Summa cum Laude and departmental honours (USA)


Masters in Psychology (Clinical)


Registered Psychologist & SPS  Member 


As a Clinical Psychologist, Moses provides counseling and training to further improve the effectiveness of individuals, families and organizations.

Having worked in both outpatient and inpatient settings in restructured and private hospitals, Moses brings with him rich experience in working with diverse individuals ranging from teenagers to the elderly.


Moses has partnered with clients who have struggled with marital issues, workplace stress, relationship difficulties and crisis management related to workplace accidents and deaths.

Further, he is experienced in the following areas:

  • Case management and therapy of mental health issues such as depression, anxiety, eating disorders and substance abuse
  • Marital and couples counseling
  • Parenting skills coaching
  • Cognitive assessments
  • Crisis management and the training of peer support networks within organizations
  • Suicide assessment and prevention
  • Group therapy & psychoeducation programs on mental health topics


Throughout his career, Moses also believes strongly in the teaching and training of the next generation of psychologists and counselors and, as such, has been consistently supervising
graduate level psychology interns from several universities in Singapore. Further, he is an adjunct lecturer with several well-known local universities as well.

Corporate services & Talks

Additionally, in the past few years, Moses has also gained extensive experience working with clients from a corporate background. He has worked with mid to C-level executives on areas such as leadership, career growth, and the management of teams.

He is also experienced providing public talks and trainings on topics such as stress management, insomnia, depression, cyber-addiction and other mental health areas.

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