CME: Mood Disorders & Insomnia in Primary Care

insomnia CME talk

At our recent CME held at Marriott Tang Plaza Hotel, Dr Emily Ho shared GP colleagues the current updates on the management of Depression. She shared about the interaction of mental and physical health including diabetes and heart problems, and the importance of treating both at the same time. She reinforced on the points to consider before starting a patient on medication, and stressed on the individualised approach including other modalities of treatment (non medication).


Dr Tan Hong Yee shared on the approaches to Insomnia. He emphasized on the importance on looking for an underlying cause as many patients suffering from insomnia also suffer from an underlying emotional health condition. He shared his successful experiences of treating patients using non medication approaches such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Insomnia (CBT-I), and important precautions on the use of sleeping pills, especially in the elderly.


Tan Hong Yee CME Insomnia


Both Dr Ho and Dr Tan would like to thank the GP for the overwhelming attendance and response, as well as the stimulating interactive session!