Towards Horticultural Therapy: Opening of Bishan-AMK Therapeutic Garden

Horticultural Therapy

Opening of Bishan-AMK Therapeutic Garden

National Parks Therapeutic Garden

We are honored to be invited to the opening of the Therapeutic Garden at AMK-Bishan park to witness Minister Gan Kim Yong officiate the opening with Minister Desmond Lee. This is a great initiative by NParks which is going to benefit the elderly as well as foster intergenerational bonds! We are glad and privileged to be part of the team involved!

Horticultural Therapy

The Therapeutic Garden is designed based on evidence-based approach from research in environmental psychology. It is open to everyone and it aims to bring about restorative effects to our mental well-being and relieve stress.

The Therapeutic Garden incorporates features that facilitate therapeutic horticulture, which is a process that uses plant and plant related activities to help people improve their well-being. By taking part in specially designed therapeutic activities, such as gardening, and interacting with nature, visitors can experience a number of health benefits, which include increased concentration, relief for mental fatigue, reduced stress and improved overall emotional well-being.

Therapeutic Garden

Mind Care Clinic has always emphasized on evidence based treatment beyond medications. Do find out more about the plants in our clinic, as well as learn more about the beneficial effects of horticulture! You can also visit the National Parks website to learn more about the Therapeutic Gardens and their other initiatives.

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