Stress and Your Bowel’s Irritation

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In this article, Psychologist Mr. Henry Lew introduces us to what Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) is about and the role of psychological intervention in improving the quality of life. Henry practices at Mind Care Therapy Suites, where he helps patients with a broad range of conditions including those with chronic medical and especially gastro-intestinal conditions. […]

psychotherapy techniques - CBT

Techniques in Psychotherapy – CBT

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Psychotherapy is also known as “Talk Therapy” because it involves a patient and a clinical psychologist sitting in a room talking, but it is much more than that. During sessions, patients learn to trust their psychologist and feel comfortable sharing their problems. Psychologists help patients to understand what they are struggling with, express their feelings […]

Psychotherapy and tranquility

Psychotherapy – is it for me?

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In modern society, people experience distress daily from multiple sources, including work/study stressors, family conflict, health concerns and even changes to our everyday environment. This distress can affect anyone, across all ages. They can manifest in behavioral changes, such as difficulty sleeping, a loss of appetite, constant worry and a sense of worthlessness/hopelessness. Some even […]

hovi club banner

Centre Visit: Hovi Club

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At Mind Care Clinic, we carefully curate our recommendations and referrals to ensure that our patients receive the most appropriate care. This week, we introduce to you Hovi Club which we had the privilege of visiting. We like their slogan “Own Your Life”, which describes their values of respecting the elderly’s desires and cherishing equality. […]