Stress and Your Bowel’s Irritation

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In this article, Psychologist Mr. Henry Lew introduces us to what Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) is about and the role of psychological intervention in improving the quality of life. Henry practices at Mind Care Therapy Suites, where he helps patients with a broad range of conditions including those with chronic medical and especially gastro-intestinal conditions. […]

psychotherapy techniques - CBT

Techniques in Psychotherapy – CBT

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Psychotherapy is also known as “Talk Therapy” because it involves a patient and a clinical psychologist sitting in a room talking, but it is much more than that. During sessions, patients learn to trust their psychologist and feel comfortable sharing their problems. Psychologists help patients to understand what they are struggling with, express their feelings […]

Myths About Art Therapy

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  Myths About Art Therapy – Part 1 By Jeanette Chan Art Therapist | thruArts As art therapy is a fairly new profession in Singapore, art therapists are often misunderstood by what we do and how we conduct our sessions. Many of you may be apprehensive about attending any art therapy activities without knowing what […]


Why do the Elderly get Depressed?

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As people go through the different life stages, they experience changes in different aspects, ie physical, emotional or social. The golden years are associated with many changes, and with these changes come a unique set of challenges and stress. Very often, depression is associated with the losses that one experiences in life. Each of these factors […]