Centre Visit: Hovi Club

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At Mind Care Clinic, we carefully curate our recommendations and referrals to ensure that our patients receive the most appropriate care. This week, we introduce to you Hovi Club which we had the privilege of visiting. We like their slogan “Own Your Life”, which describes their values of respecting the elderly’s desires and cherishing equality.

Hovi Club is conveniently situated at Horsecity, which is within walking distance from the MRT station. Their theme of nature and well-being is one big attraction for us to visit. The space away from the fast-paced city life, back to nature, with the use of evidence based state of the art equipment makes it unique. The elderly have a choice of interesting activities to choose from, ranging from outings to inspirational programs and entertainment.  In particular, they utilize various elements of nature in the environment as part of day-to-day care. Very often, the activities offered by them takes seniors to explore many of these avenues of novel experiences.

Activity Areas

Hovi Club overview

Hovi Club offers unique and personalized services for families who need assistance in caring for their seniors. Other than the outdoors, the Centre had ample areas for activities, interactions, games and relaxation. They encourage group and social interactions, while at the same time respecting the needs of those who prefer more solitary activities. Their current capacity is no more than 15 seniors at any one time, which allows an improved staff-to-patient ratio and supervision.


virtual bike

We were also impressed by the range of exercise equipment the Centre had, including a Cyber Cycling machine. There have been preliminary studies to suggest that “exer-gaming” may benefit older adults both in terms of memory (1) and mood (2).

There was also a quiet room with a reclining therapy chair that can be used for those who perhaps have been over-stimulated, upset or even just tired out.  This uses physio-acoustic therapy which may help to alleviate agitation and restlessness in some people. It was definitely relaxing for us!

Nature as Therapy

horse therapy

Going back to nature away from noise and crowds is indeed helpful for those who gets anxious and irritable. Horse therapy for the elderly has been found to be useful too. This is an enriching and empowering experience as they interact with the horse, and even get to learn to groom and feed them. Take part in their wellness trail which include walking, sensory stimulation and even some imagination!


What we particularly liked about Hovi Club was the flexibility in attendance. Patients and their families can choose either half-day or full-day sessions, and they also provide weekend sessions in order to accommodate families’ needs for respite and personal time.

To find out more about Hovi Club, do visit their website or check with your doctor if this would be a suitable centre for you or your loved one.

Hovi Care front

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