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Centre Visit: Hovi Club

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At Mind Care Clinic, we carefully curate our recommendations and referrals to ensure that our patients receive the most appropriate care. This week, we introduce to you Hovi Club which we had the privilege of visiting. We like their slogan “Own Your Life”, which describes their values of respecting the elderly’s desires and cherishing equality. […]

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Increased Medisave Withdrawal Limits

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Did you know? Starting from 1 June 2018, the Medisave Withdrawal Limits for Outpatient treatments will be increased to $500 per year. This represents a 25% increase in the Medisave Withdrawal Limits, up from $400 per year previously. This amount can be used to offset out-of-pocket cash payments for outpatient bills, which includes conditions under […]

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What’s that plant?

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  What’s that in the clinic? Patients & visitors have been intrigued by our hanging plants in the clinic. Unsurprisingly, we’ve been getting questions about them – and the most frequently asked are “are they real?” and “what are they?”. We have featured the Blue Clubmoss, Huperzia goebelii (previously known as Lycopodium goebelii) as in […]

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Opening 12 June 2017 !

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Opening 12 June 2017 ! We will be starting at our new premises on 12 June 2017, Monday!  In the meantime, we will still be taking appointment requests via email or our contact form. Our psychiatrists at Mind Care Clinic specialise in diagnosing and treating a wide variety of mental health issues. Some examples include […]