Increased Medisave Withdrawal Limits

Medisave psychiatry

Did you know?

Starting from 1 June 2018, the Medisave Withdrawal Limits for Outpatient treatments will be increased to $500 per year.

This represents a 25% increase in the Medisave Withdrawal Limits, up from $400 per year previously. This amount can be used to offset out-of-pocket cash payments for outpatient bills, which includes conditions under the Chronic Disease Management Program (CDMP), vaccinations and screenings.

The use of CDMP is limited to a list of specified chronic conditions as stipulated by the Ministry, which also includes several mental health conditions.

Utilizing Medisave at Mind Care Clinic

To help you understand more about using your Medisave (CDMP) at our clinic, we have put together this summary page.

Read more about what psychiatric conditions are covered under the CDMP, how to utilize your Medisave for your outpatient treatments at Mind Care Clinic, and a simple example of how it works. Do also note that certain medications/supplements are not claimable for Medisave (CDMP).

How can I find out more?

For more enquiries on using your Medisave at Mind Care Clinic, please contact us.

Read about the CDMP on MOH’s website